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Zion is thrilled to be the current home of Daniel's Place!

Daniel’s Place is a respite care facility that gives short-term temporary care to persons whose disabilities are such that they need continual assistance. Having access to respite care allows caregivers – most often families – an option for times when they need a break or have tasks that require them to find care setting for their disabled loved one for a few hours. We will serve our clients throughout their life span.

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As Daniel got older, it became increasingly difficult to find care for him. I had a wonderful sitter who put him on and off the school bus, but evenings, weekends and overnights were a challenge. I reached out to contacts, did research on my own and began visiting facilities. I wanted a place for Daniel where the caregivers understood his challenges and were capable of addressing his specific needs, cared about him as a person and made him feel welcome, provided a safe and happy environment, and did all this in and environment that did not feel like an institution. In December of 2017, I visited Agape Respite Services in Berne, Indiana. I found everything I was looking for! After one of Daniel’s stays at Agape, I mentioned to Erica that I it would be my dream to open that type of facility in North Manchester. A few weeks later, Erica told me that she and Amanda had been having conversations about opening a similar facility. We joined forces and here we are…”

~Cheryl (Daniel's Mother)

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