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Our Mission

The Lord is calling Zion to live out its calling to belong to Jesus Christ and to each other by virtue of our baptism; to believe in Jesus Christ by virtue of our faith given as a gift of the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacrament; to be sent by Jesus Christ as ambassadors of the Gospel in our homes, workplaces, communities, and to the ends of the earth.

All Are Welcome!

Sunday Worship 9:30am

Our Vision 

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is a church that is…


1.  GRACE-FILLED.  A congregation whose members enjoy a deep relationship with God, with each other, and with our community.  A grace-filled church that knows our blessings come from Jesus Christ, our Lord.  A church that celebrates its blessings in joyful music.  A church that is confident in its belief in God’s faithfulness to us.


2.  FORWARD LOOKING.  A congregation whose members are forward-looking, not backward-looking, outwardly focused as well as concerned with the needs of members, willing to try and change, knowing that change is not necessarily bad, but can be an opportunity.  A church that honors and respects the past but is not nostalgic.  A church that encourages and supports new leadership to have a voice. 


3.  WELCOMING, INVITING AND INCLUSIVE.  A congregation that is accepting and welcoming to a broad range of celebrants, individuals and families, with many ages and income levels, appearances and demographics.  A congregation that brings a sharing attitude of hope, unconditional love, and acceptance.  A safe and welcoming place that nurtures and supports its members no matter their age or where they are on their faith journeys. 


4.  WITNESSING AND SERVING.  A church that is known for what we do, for how we witness our faith, not where we are (building, location) or how many we are.  A church that devotes its time, talents and resources to this goal.  A church with members who express their faith and devotion to God through service to the world and to one another and live out their faith as a real presence in our community and beyond.  A church that leads our community in mission, collaborating with other churches and groups for common community goals.


5.  LUTHERAN.  A church that celebrates the good news of the Gospel, and lets others know about Lutheranism’s loving and compassionate theology.

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